Flood Automatic Weather Stations

Pakistan Meteorological Department



Hill torrents are an array of waterways where water drains out from the mountains and hit the down streams and infrastructure in its way with enormous speed.

Round about 200 hill torrents created from the west of Suleiman Range and hit Taunsa, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts of Punjab in Pakistan. Among these, most important are 13 hill torrents, having large catchment areas and flood potential. These Hill Torrents after crossing D.G. Khan Canal through 22 numbers cross drainage structures and frequently creates disaster up to River Indus. Most often catastrophic flood events cause loss of billions of rupees to infrastructure, houses and irrigated lands.

PMD has established flood warning system consisting of automatic weather station for these hill torrents since 2014. This is the pilot project of FAWS (flood Atomized Warning System). Glimpse of this project is shown via map along with real time data.